How do I schedule a regular backup?

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To schedule a regular backup using Malwarebytes Secure Backup (MBSB), please follow these steps:

  1. Log into MBSB
  2. Click on "Setup Backup". 
  3. Select one of these choices:
    • Select “Files and Folders” if you wish your files and folders to be backed up to the cloud.
    • Select “Files and Folders Locally” if you wish to backup your files to an external drive.
  4. Select the files to backup:
    • Specify what files you want backed up, then click NEXT
    • the next window will show the files you have selected for backup, then click NEXT
  5. Now set the backup schedule of your choosing, click FINISH
  6. Select if you want the backup to run:
    • at the end of the wizard
    • or run automatically per schedule only.



If you have additional questions or need assistance with this particular scenario, please contact Consumer Support at this link:

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